Baumalein Client

This client expands Teeworlds with many useful features.

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Please note that this client is based on DDNet!

Client by Meskalin รด.O and FruchtiHD!

Virustotal check

Update 0.2.3

  • NewAdded some playerflags
  • NewAdded emote bot speed
  • NewAdded record moves
  • EditFixed Copy local player
  • EditFixed Tee customize
  • NewAdded outdated client info

Update 0.2.2

  • EditFixed quit button after disconnect
  • EditSpam fix on version check
  • NewAdded tee customization
  • NewAdded checkbox for feet & body at FunnyTroll
  • EditImproved invite system
  • EditFixed GUI

Update 0.2.1

  • EditNews fix
  • EditImproved color changer (feet too)
  • NewAdded colored clantag
  • NewAdded color switcher
  • NewAdded time in client chat
  • EditSee invitations even if you are not ingame
  • NewAdded client page in main menu
  • NewAdded funny troll options
  • EditLaser aimline color fix
  • NewAdded chat message for joined users
  • EditNew admin chat color

Update 0.2.0

  • RemovedRemoved crasher
  • EditHealth/Armor fix
  • NewAdded aimassist
  • EditLaserbot fix
  • EditUserlist country fix
  • EditInvite & Update fix
  • NewAdded rank info
  • EditShow ID in userlist
  • EditFunny troll name fix
  • EditImproved client expire

  • SocialClientchat: Communicate with other client users. You can even whisper to another player!
  • SocialRanks: Admin, Mod and Member are a few ranks you can achive!
  • SocialList of all users: From that list you can select various options to interact with other tees!
  • SocialConnect to: Follow a user to their server and play together!
  • SocialInvite: Invite a player to your current server!
  • SocialMessage: Send a private message to the tee of your choise!
  • HelpfulTracer: Draw lines from you to other players (teamcolors are supported)!
  • HelpfulShow Keypresses: Show keypresses of you and other players!
  • HelpfulAimlines: Always know where your grenade will hit or your laser strike!
  • HelpfulSmart Hammer: Just hook a player and the client will automatically release the hook, switch to hammer and hammer!
  • HelpfulPerfect Doublejump: Hold space to perform the best DJ possible
  • Misc.Skin Stealer: Steal someone's skin when you hammer him!
  • Misc.Clone Emotes: Clone the emotes of the tee that is closest to you!
  • Misc.Moonwalk: Perform the famous moonwalk (credits to my bro Micheal right here)!
  • Misc.Ping Faker: Choose your ping: 0, 500 or 1000 (everyone can see it)!
  • Misc.Funny Troll: Change Clan, Name, Skin and Color REALLY fast (only works on older DDNet servers)!
  • Misc.Radar: Track your enemies down!
  • Misc.Bubble Play: Play with open chatbubble (yet buggy)!
  • Misc.Balance: Balance a tee on your head or the other way around!
  • Misc.Fly: Fly!!! Looks up hook positions automatically and avoids other tees!
  • Misc.Copy Player: Copy another player on your server. You can select which actions to copy!
  • CheatyHook Closest: Hook a player close to you!
  • CheatyAim Assist: Helps you to hook a player!
  • CheatySpinbot: Right round...
  • CheatySelf Wallshot: If you got the rifle active, you will laser yourself free when going through freeze (full auto)!
  • CheatyFreeze Dodge: Jump right before entering freezetiles from above. Running into them is also trying to be avoided!
  • CheatyHelper Bot: Helps freezed tees if they are in your friendlist. You can also choose to help everybody!
  • CheatyGreet Bot: If another player greets you, you automatically greet back!
  • CheatyColor Changer: Feel like a pony!
  • CheatyEmote Bot: Spam the selected emoticon!
  • CheatyTrigger Bot: Shoot when you aim at a player
  • CheatyAutofire Macro: When activated, you only need to hold the fire button for rapid fire!

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